Nexus Institute of Research and Innovation (NIRI)

Nexus Institute for Research and Innovation (NIRI) is an independent and not-for-profit-sharing institution in Nepal, registered with a vision to promote quality research and innovation across the nation and beyond. Established in 2020, NIRI is a team of researchers and professionals in various disciplines who, along with their academic achievements, have garnered national and international experiences in their fields. The founding members of NIRI are diverse and range from having qualifications from top-notch universities in various fields of research to members who have gained skills and experiences related to agriculture, health, biomedicine, IT, social sciences, statistics, and entrepreneurship, among others. NIRI aims to conduct and strengthen multi-disciplinary research in the field of natural, applied, and social sciences while collaborating with research intuitions within the country and abroad. NIRI primarily is a research institution that conducts and facilitates research in multi-disciplinary areas. In addition, it aims to facilitate research workshops, education, and training activities that are relevant to Nepal and its people. NIRI aims to bring innovation in cutting-edge research on natural, applied sciences, and social sciences and to promote collaborative research with other institutions nationally and internationally. It plans to play a pivotal role in conducting resources available in Nepal and to assist government entities at the local and national level for evidence-based policy-making in various sectors. NIRI hopes to become a connecting link to build a strong network among research communities in Nepal and abroad, and to train young researchers as future academicians and leaders.
  • Conduct fundamental and cutting-edge research that is primarily relevant to Nepal.
  • Promote collaborative research among NIRI members as well as with national and international organizations to strengthen research in Nepal.
  • Facilitate capacity building through education and skill transfer programs, training, workshops, seminars, and various outreach activities.
  • Contribute to evidence-based policymaking by assisting governmental and non-governmental organizations in reviewing existing policies and/or drafting new policies
  • Transform research into products and provide services for the welfare of society by utilizing sustainable resources through research and innovations.

Mission The mission of NIRI is to explore and strengthen multi-disciplinary research in the field of natural, applied, and social sciences, provide analytical inputs for evidence-based policymaking and disseminate substantive research findings.
Vision The vision of NIRI is to establish itself as a quality institute for quality research and innovation across the nation and beyond.