NIRI Frequently Asked Questions

NIRI stands for Nexus Institute of Research and Innovation established by a group of professionals and researchers living in Nepal and abroad to conduct research primarily relevant to Nepal.
NIRI is a private but not-for-profit-sharing institution. This means NIRI is privately managed by its team members. NIRI cannot distribute its income/profit to its founders and members.
University students can apply for internships and/or conduct research in their research projects. NIRI investigators will be happy to co-supervise University students. NIRI will provide mentoring on research and research methodology to University students. All inquiries can be sent to [email protected]
One of the objectives of NIRI is to liaise with the local, provincial, and federal governments to support evidence-based policymaking. NIRI has a team from diverse backgrounds who could work with the government at different levels to help in policy-making, training, workshops, etc.
There are multiple ways you can get involved with NIRI. You can be a team member of NIRI if you are interested to become a NIRI member provided that you complete the application form located at (MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM LINK). In addition, you can get involved in NIRI as a research intern, volunteer, and collaborator.
We have two simple steps to become a NIRI member. You need to go to the website and fill up the form with your interest to become a member. The form can be found here (MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM LINK). The BODs or the NIRI leadership team will get back to you with a decision. If BODs decide to grant you a membership, you need to complete an official process of providing your details, submitting required documents and paying membership fees. NIRI has a zero-tolerance policy towards any discrimination. NIRI welcomes you all as long as you meet the criteria set forth and you express your intent formally.
NIRI welcomes researchers and investigators from any part of the world as NIRI investigators and collaborators. In order to become a NIRI investigator, a researcher has to take an NIRI membership. NIRI welcomes researchers abroad to submit research grants through NIRI and to collaborate their existing research with NIRI. NIRI is committed to providing a positive and hassle-free environment to conduct research work. If you cannot formally associate with NIRI but still want to partner with NIRI investigators then you have to work with NIRI investigator as a collaborator.
NIRI investigators are starting their projects. Any internship-related inquiry can be sent to [email protected] or respective investigators through their page on the NIRI website.
Please sign up for our email listserv. We will communicate any relevant information with you through emails. Apart from direct emails, you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube (all social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube to be linked).