Role of Alumni Association on Scholarship Program in Their Alma Mater

Globally, in developed countries scholarship and research are often supported by alumni associations. In recent decades even in India, significant fund is annually funded alumni association i.e., IIT Chennai being one of the highest recipients of such funds. Nepalese students benefit a lot from such scholarships for higher education in many developed countries. There are some alumni associations in Nepal too that are supporting scholarship programs of their alma mater, but that number is very small. This study will attempt to understand the status of financial contributions of the alumni association or alumni to their amla mater. It will also try to understand why they contribute, why they don’t and what can be done to make them contribute. It may open opportunities to encourage growth in home grown scholarship by alma mater to support meritorious as well as poor students. This project is supported by Dr. Umed Pun.

Project Lead: Umed Pun, PhD

Research Interns/Team: Prakriti Thapa, Suraj Parajuli

Current Status: Ongoing