Gall-Bladder Cancer

This project is a collaborative initiative between NIRI and Association of Nepalese mathematicians in America (ANMA) that we refer to as the NIRI-ANMA Students Outreach (NASO).  The aim of this initiative is to provide opportunities to Nepalese students to learn and develop skills to prepare them for their future scientists.  

The Gallbladder project intends to investigate the epigenetics dysregulation of Gallbladder tumors to identify novel candidate genes that we could develop as the therapeutic targets, and/or biomarkers. Currently, we are analyzing the DNA methylation data from the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and developing mathematical modeling to understand the disease.  


Principal Investigator: Rajendra Pangeni, Ram Kalfe, 


Co-investigators: Tara Sigdel, MIlan Bimali 


Research staffs/Interns: Bishal Khadka


Current Status: On going