Epigenetics of Lung cancer metastases

The aim of this project is to investigate the epigenetic dysregulation of lung cancer metastases. Lung cancer is a major cause of deaths by cancer worldwide. One of the challenges in treating lung cancer is its metastases to different organs. We have utilized DNA methylation array datasets from the cancer genome atlas (TCGA) datasets correlating with clinical information of patients. We have identified a number key genes that are either hypomethylated or hypermethylated in lung cancer that have metastasized to the different organs compared to those who didn’t metastasize. This project is funded by Nandakala Bhandari Research Fellowship sponsored by Padam Bhandari. 


Principal Investigator: Rajendra Pangeni, PhD, 


Research staffs/Interns: Jeebana Bhandari 


Current Status: Ongoing